7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist

Your Ultimate Guide to Rule the Affiliate Marketing World

The Multibillion-Dollar Affiliate Marketing Industry

Comes with exceptional growth opportunities for the right people. In fact, it’s one of the most common methods e-commerce brands use to place their products and/or services in front of their target audiences.

While almost everyone knows how the affiliate marketing model works, there’re very few people who actually make money from it. If you’ve already tried to do affiliate marketing, you know that often you don’t need to pay anything to join even the popular affiliate marketing programs or affiliate marketing networks such as the JVZoo checklist and ClickBank checklist.

So, the question is, when you can join an affiliate marketing program for free, and you don’t need to maintain a setup, why do even savvy digital marketers fail to make money from it?

The simple answer is most of them don’t follow a step-by-step guide like our 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist. Thanks to the huge growth opportunities offered by the industry, millions of affiliate marketers are trying hard to have a slice of the pie.

To make enough money amidst the cut-throat competition, it’s a must to follow a systematic approach, and that’s where our affiliate marketing checklist comes into the picture.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist and see why this is one of the best affiliate marketing training materials created ever.

When Should You Use Our Affiliate Marketing Checklist?

Many people think that affiliate marketing is a low-effort business model, and that’s true to some extent. You get to join most affiliate programs easily and quickly, but when it comes to generating the commissions, just placing your referral link on your blog, website, or social media isn’t enough.

So, before we delve deeper into the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist, let’s see the most vital prerequisites for using this. If the following pointers don’t represent you, our affiliate marketing checklist (or affiliate marketing course, if you like it that way) may not be worth your effort and time.

  • You have a solid knowledge of the products/services you promote

You don’t necessarily need to be a customer of every product/service you promote as an affiliate marketer. But it’s a must to have robust knowledge about them to be able to convince your audience easily. Always remember that talking superficially about a product/service won’t help you succeed in affiliate marketing. You must help your audience understand how your product/service can address their pain points, and that’s only possible when you have detailed information about your offerings.

  • You want to build an engaged audience

Building an engaged audience is one of the most difficult things commonly faced by affiliate marketers. Even if you’re offering a truly valuable product or service, without the right audience, it’s just impossible to make a significant number of sales. In the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist, you’ll get to learn how to capture the right traffic and how to convert your visitors into engaged audiences with the right forms of content.

  • You want to match your product/service with the audience

If you cannot address the pain points of your target audience with your product or service, perhaps affiliate marketing isn’t your cup of tea. And to do this, you must know your audience’s wants and desires. In fact, this is the most important aspect of being able to successfully match your product or service with the audience.

Unlike other affiliate marketing checklists that only talk about the importance of knowing your audience, the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist is backed by Audience Cubes. Audience Cubes are an advanced activity to learn everything about your target audience. While the activity uses the fundamental features of an empathy map, it comes with more advanced features that make it more effective.

  • You want to be a value-adding partner

Achieving success with affiliate marketing goes beyond connecting the right customers with the right products or services. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to make people trust your expert opinion. And as you’ve probably assumed, without creating content encompassing the right keywords, this isn’t going to happen.

In the “Content” section of our 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist, you’ll learn about different forms of content and how to make the most of them. Basically, to become a value-adding partner in the context of affiliate marketing, you need to leverage the power of both affiliate marketing and content marketing. Although ours is an affiliate marketing checklist, it discusses content marketing techniques required to up your game in affiliate marketing.

An Overview of the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist

Now that you know the prerequisites of using our affiliate marketing checklist, here’re the overviews of its parts to help you better understand its effectiveness.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist Part1 Where To Start

  • Part One

The first step of the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist is all about identifying your motivation behind doing affiliate marketing. Here, you’ll also need to find out who’ll be your target customers and how their lives will be transformed by utilizing your recommendations.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist Part2 Niches

  • Part Two

As discussed above, without knowing the wants and desires of your target audience properly, it’s impossible to succeed with affiliate marketing. Before you complete this step, you’ll need to complete the worksheet called “Audience Cubes.” Once you get in-depth information about your target audience from Audience Cubes, you’ll need to write a short description about it in this step.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist Part3 Offers

  • Part Three

Step three of our affiliate marketing training material will help you learn how and why to select a particular offer that you want to promote. This step describes five components of an affiliate offer together with their income potential.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist Part4 Traffic

  • Part Four

This step of the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist will tell you how to capture the right traffic. Here, you’ll learn about both organic and paid traffic. This step also lists nine important sources of online traffic to choose from.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist Part5 Funnels

  • Part Five

In this step, you’ll learn how to build an effective funnel while leveraging the power of email autoresponders. From “landing page” to “thank you page”, you’ll get a plethora of top resources to make your affiliate marketing journey profitable and simple at the same time.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist Part6 Content

  • Part Six

This step focuses on organic content marketing and its different forms that you can use to maximize the results of affiliate marketing. While we’ve discussed emails, social posts, videos, and text ads in this step, there’re many other effective forms of content marketing available out there. Therefore, you should invest a good amount of time and effort to get the most out of your content marketing efforts.

7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist Part7 Conclusion

  • Part Seven

The last step of our affiliate marketing checklist describes the things you need to prioritize each day. Here, you’ll also get a list of some must-read books from eminent authors that’ll help you learn a lot more about the different components of affiliate marketing.

So, that’s the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist in a nutshell. As you can see, while the steps are quite straightforward, they cover all the vital elements of affiliate marketing. If you’re a beginner affiliate marketer, there’s no need to take an expensive and time-consuming affiliate marketing course or affiliate marketing training. Just follow all the steps diligently, work hard, and you should become a successful affiliate marketer within a few months.

Real Benefits of Our Affiliate Marketing Training

Even after going through the overview of the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist discussed above, some marketers may still wonder why they should invest a good amount of time and effort just to earn a small commission. If you too belong to this league, here’re three real-life benefits that you should enjoy after completing our affiliate marketing checklist.

  • A continuous source of income

As a pro affiliate marketer, you can make good money whenever someone purchases a product or service using your link. There’re affiliate marketers who started it as a side hustle but eventually turned it into a full-time, highly profitable business.

  • Minimum investment

Almost always, it costs some money to start a business. However, affiliate marketing is one of those business models that require a minimum investment. Your major investments will be in the form of time and effort to follow the steps mentioned in the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist.

  • Your performance, your income

In affiliate marketing, your income potential fully depends on your performance. The more products/services you sell, the more money you can make. Of course, it takes time to gain momentum, but once you build the right audience and gain experience, there should be no looking back.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Networks and Programs

Once you complete our 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist, the next important thing you need to focus on is choosing a profitable affiliate marketing network or program. If you want to choose reputable platforms like the JVZoo checklist or ClickBank checklist, you don’t need to worry about the income potential of the programs.

However, if you want to go with lesser-known or new affiliate programs, it’s a must to estimate how much you can earn by becoming an affiliate of certain products or services. The most common methods through which affiliate marketers make money include the following:

  • Pay per click

With these campaigns, you receive a commission whenever someone uses your unique link to visit the merchant’s website. However, these kinds of programs are less common these days because most merchants only want to pay for conversions.

  • Pay per lead

Conversion of leads is the concept these programs follow to pay their affiliates. You get a commission whenever a lead downloads a file, chooses a trial of the product/service, or signs up for a newsletter.

  • Pay per sales

This is the standard payment structure of affiliate marketing models. Here, you receive a certain percentage of a product’s or service’s sale price from the merchant after it’s confirmed that the sale was initiated using your link.

Therefore, your income depends on your chosen industry, the payment model offered by the merchant, and how well you attract customers. Your income will also depend on the number of products or services you promote, the number of your subscribers, your reach, and your content’s quality.

Things You Shouldn’t Expect after Completing an Affiliate marketing Course or Checklist

Although our 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist will help you get fully prepared to succeed in affiliate marketing, there’re some important things you need to keep in mind. Affiliate marketing isn’t something that brings exceptional results quickly.

So, here’re two things you shouldn’t expect with affiliate marketing even after following our affiliate marketing checklist.

  • Immediate results

Affiliate marketing is a long-term game, meaning you shouldn’t instantly consider it a replacement for your regular income. Remember that a huge number of affiliate marketers never earn anything. However, if you do it right, build trust, and keep patience, you should be successful. But it won’t happen overnight.

  • Quick profits

Similar to any other profitable business model, it takes time to monetize your effort and time in affiliate marketing. If making quick profits is your objective, you should avoid doing it altogether. If you want to increase income over time, work harder and focus on joining affiliate programs that consistently pay good commissions.

In addition to these, you need to remember that competition in affiliate marketing is fierce. A particular product or service is often promoted by many affiliates. So, if you don’t want to discover a unique angle to that product/service and instead follow what everyone else is doing, it won’t serve any purpose.

Closing Thoughts

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer and earning a good income isn’t that difficult when you have our 7 Figure Affiliate Marketing Checklist with you, and you’re ready to invest the required effort and time. However, to achieve success in affiliate marketing, you must be completely invested in the entire process. And be sure to focus on making a long-term profit instead of considering affiliate marketing a shortcut to wealth.