Experts Journal - Article

Your Own Magazine That Will Include

  • Get your own magazine with less than 30 minutes of your time
  • Articles from you, your clients, referral partners, peers, or leaders in your field
  • Neither you nor they have to write the articles, Articles will come from online interviews we do
  • Each “author” receives a magazine version with their article featured and their image on the cover
  • A "Print" button on your site or app that includes
    • A complete checkout and payment module
    • That can be styled
    • Is available in nine languages
    • Supports 60+ currencies
    • Calculates prices you set based on available products
  • Digital and Print-On-Demand versions
  • A matching website with a subdomain for the magazine
  • A matching website page for each article
  • YouTube Channel Playlist to match the magazine
  • Podcast Episode from each online interview
  • Possible physical distribution down the road

The Article Version 

  • We are the “Host” of the issue
  • You pay your non-refundable author fee upfront
  • We deliver your versions with your image on the cover to you upon completion
  • Turnaround time estimated to be about 30 days after all “authors” have signed up
  • We need a minimum of 10 articles to publish an issue, 12 maximum