Strategic & Tactical Ways to Find, IT, Get It, Keep It & Grow It … Accelerating Selling, Account Development & Customer Retention For An Indispensable You!


What You Will Get

  • Part I - Strategically Re-Aligning Selling Effectiveness!
    • Setting The Stage And Understanding For Sales Mastery … Strategically
    • Understanding Customer Trends
    • Measuring Yourself In The Presence Of A Customer Exchange With RELIABLE C.AR.E.™ Formula
    • Understanding The Psychology To & The 5-Step Selling Process
    • Engaging The Angry Or Hostile Customer For Business Growth
    • Providing A Wow Level Of Customer Care For Sustainability And Productivity
  • PART II - Tactically Accelerating Selling Success!
    • Using The “Business Integration Grid™” To Drive Market Activities (BIG)
    • Survey Management Techniques To Ensure Your Business Remains In Business
    • Lead Generation Via Planting “T.R.E.S” To Increase Productivity Through Your Current Clients
    • Understanding The Selling Activity Funnel Pipeline & The Impact On Every Action To Results
    • Derailment Behaviors Of Selling Professionals & Success Actions Plans W/Dr. Jeffrey Magee
  • PART III - Power Tool Box Of Immediate ROIs!
    • Power Mental Toolbox – Power Applications Of Super Achievers
  • Part IV - Implementing Your Daily Sales Action Plan
    • Implementing Your Daily Sales Action Plan
  • BONUS - Player Capability Index & Your Trajectory Code

Focus on the parts of Online Marketing that Matter


Online Marketing Fast Track

What You Will Get

Part 1 - What We Are Going To Cover
Part 2 - Markets, Niches, And Where To Start
Part 3 - Offers - Why They Come First, Mostly (Minimum Viable)
Part 4 - Traffic - Everyone Screws This Up At Some Point
Part 5 - Funnels & Automation - It's Last, Not First
Part 6 - Content - Videos, Emails, Landers, & More (Minimum Viable)
Part 7 - Conclusion - What And How To Do From Here

Optional: 1-Year Coaching - 2 (two) group Zooms per month