A Calling To Make A Difference - Michael Goodman


Michael Goodman has over 45 years in sales, business and leadership. He has long since established himself as the patriarch of sales in Arizona, author of the Solomon Sales System and the transformational sales program. 

He is a highly regarded sales trainer, founder of Arizona sales pros, he created the largest sales organization in Arizona, also an advisor to the Grand Canyon University Innovation Center and mentor to the Center for entrepreneurial innovation.

He continues the growth of Arizona business on a daily basis and makes a huge impact. 

Michael believes that the purpose of life is to do something that gives back to humanity in some form or fashion. That we are architected as humans to take care of our family and once we're taking care of our family, then our neighbors and then our community and then our country. 

Michael Goodman

LinkedIn Profile URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeldgoodman

Email Address:michaeldgoodman@gmail.com 

Website URL: http://revenuekinetics.co/

Twitter: @GoodmanSales

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