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Louis Silverman has been practicing law in Arizona for close to 40 years. For the first 20 years or so of his career, he was in civil law and civil litigation. Louis had about 20 jury trials and probably 200 or more trials before judges and commissioners. 

In 2005 he became weary of being a Jack of all trades and transitioned his practice to estate planning, probate and trust administration. It was difficult at first making the transition because he had to say no to referrals for divorces, personal injury, and other civil matters, and refer them to other lawyers. But over the years he developed a very solid estate planning practice.

Louis became board certified by the State Bar of Arizona in the estate planning, trust, and probate administration, and currently has three lawyers and four staff members. He is a frequent speaker for several national legal education companies, including national business Institute, Strafford publications, and MyCLE. A frequent contributor to national publications such as Thomson Reuters Estate planning magazine, and have a monthly Arizona Republic column on estate planning. 

His greatest success as a practicing attorney has been the ability to make the transition from a Jack of all trades master of none civil practice to becoming an estate planning specialist and building a wonderful network of friends, associates, and referral partners.

Louis Silverman

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