Don't Wait For The Right Moment - Patrice Bisiot


Personal brand and image coach to Celebrities and Business Leaders, Patrice Bisiot has been called a "style interventionist" because the changes he made to his clients impact many areas of their lives, often dramatically and unexpectedly. 

Think of your Image as your headline, your logo, your elevator pitch– on one level, it’s how you tell the world who you are,” explains Bisiot.

“But on another level,” he continues, “appearance can reveal what you haven’t told the world.” And to prove it, Bisiot delights his audiences on stage with his signature “Image Impact Index readings.” 

Coaching groups or one on one. Not getting the promotion you deserve? Always attracting the wrong people in life? Does it sound familiar? If so, then get in touch with Patrice on Facebook or his website -

IG: @imagereading


Twitter: @PatriceBisiot


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