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Howdy, howdy everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets podcast where we focus on business psychology and marketing, and how you can use that in your business daily and long term. 

Today I am talking with Jennifer Radke is the CEO of the National Institute for Social Media. She is a certified social media strategist, speaker, trainer and author. She has a master's degree in organizational leadership and puts a strong value on continuous learning and professional development. A mom of two teenagers keeps busy at work and at home.

Jennifer, how are you doing today? Let me know if I missed anything.

- I'm great. Tad, thank you. No, I think you caught everything. I do love what I do, and focus on continuing education. And my kids do keep me quite busy. So that home and office thing, it's always a balance, right?

Absolutely. So just a roll into the questions. And the first one I ask it's kind of a time travel type thought is that if you could go back in time and change the decision that you made, be a business live some combination of that. If you could go back and change one, first off, would you go back and change one? Or would you change it once you got there and looked at it? And if you would change it, what would you change it to?

- Yeah, and actually mine doesn't have to travel back all that far. And it isn't more on the personal side. But I think we can relate it as business owners to pretty much any conversation that we have. And it really comes down to making a choice about being stubborn. And digging your heels in when you're talking with somebody else. Or forgiving, communicating and moving on. And I think all of us are faced with that choice. A lot. Recently, I've had the opportunity unfortunately to be kind of presented with it in a very dramatic way. My father and I have been disagreeing about how to best, you know, work my business or my children. And I dug my heels in. Because you know what? I'm old enough. I'm smart enough, gosh, darn it. Right? And unfortunately, I lost him in a tragic accident just a few weeks ago. And wish we had just let all of the stupid stubbornness go and focus on what's really important. And that's learning from listening to and growing with each other. So if I have any advice in that for others, it's really to take a look at when you dig your feet in and your heels in and when you don't and make sure it's important.

And thank you for sharing that I'm really sorry about your loss. It that was very powerful, and, but also very relevant and very true to me. And I mean, not to make light of that, I was thinking about it. As you were talking about digging, when you first started talking about digging your heels in, from a marketing perspective, for listeners is listen to what Jennifer said, the message is super important, super powerful to move it towards a more of a marketing slant, because that's what we're talking about. That's what the shows about is that there's an old saying, and Jennifer, you may have heard this in marketing, you can be right, or you can be rich, but you can't be both. And I heard that I think from Rich Schefren. If anybody has heard of him, he's internet marketer been around for years and years. 

Have you ever had something that worked out super positive in your life? And maybe a decision that you made, maybe a decision that you didn't make? Or that you decided not to do something, but you look back at it, and you can see your life is everything before that point, and everything after that point? So do you have any one of those, or any of those, one of those two of those, whatever that you could share?

Yeah, I have several but the one that is most poignant, for me really is about my career. So my first 15 years of my career really was in sales, leadership and focus mostly in the higher education industry. In 2012, I changed roads, I changed paths, some of it was by my design, and some of it was not right, the higher education industry was changing. I had an opportunity to leave take a early leave. I did that and of course, in the time of making those decisions, and I'm sure others on this podcast can think of their own examples. But during that time, I was scared to death. Like, am I gonna make a stupid choice? Should I be holding on to Higher Ed? as long as I possibly can?

Should I be trying to find something exactly like what I did? And what I chose to do was go into completely different direction. And I left Higher Ed as an industry. I went out, I started exploring. What are the types of jobs out there today? What fits my skill, set my passion, my abilities? And during that kind of evolution, or exploration phase, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and get to know, the founder of the National Institute for Social Media. And I made the right choice by jumping in and becoming a part of that organization in more ways than one, I started working with the organization, I got certified as a social media strategist, that led me to starting my own consulting company. And then actually, I came back, purchased the organization and took over as CEO. So as I look back, leaving Higher Ed was the best choice for me and being open to what my life could be what I could bring to the world. And that was a huge transition for me.


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