Three Secrets To Align Your Life - Kristine Conway


Hi everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets podcast where we focus on business psychology and marketing, and how you can use those in your business daily and long term. Today I'm talking with Kristine Conway, who transforms leaders that fix things into leaders that coach, she not only helps leaders increase their self awareness and uncover their own barriers to success, she also transfers skills to her clients, so that they're able to coach others for long lasting success. Her coaching philosophy stems from a strong foundation in change management, and emotional intelligence models. 

Christine, how are you doing today? And if you would take a minute, introduce yourself and anything I might have missed? 

- I'm Wonderful. Thank you, Tad, thanks for having me here. I'm excited to be here and so thank you for having me. 

Today, we're going to talk about the things that got you where you are today, how you did that, and hopefully, how that applies to people listening that are going through those things, same issues, that you end up.

So the first question is, if you look back over mainly your business, career or life or, you know how you've come to where you are, is there one thing that you think, I really would have changed that?

-  I believe that we are where we are today by all the choices that we've made. Some choices may not have seemed right at the time. But looking back, you kind of think well, had it not been for that choice? I wouldn't be here now. Right? Whether that choice felt good or not. So when I when I think about that question, I think more about if there was something that I would have done differently, I think I would have I would have liked to have been open to more ideas, and, really sought out counsel a little bit more proactively than I did when I was younger, so that I could have had more of  a well rounded picture and to make more informed decisions. So I think it's just the fact that if I could have been more open and receiving earlier on, I think that would have been great.

So kind of related to that, if there's one thing that worked out really super positive, and you look how things were before it, and how things were after it, because it's a defining moment. Do you have one of those?

- I have to say that probably the biggest defining moment in my life is actually very life and business related. So I was in a position in an organization where I was intellectually bored. And I sought out some development. And I went to the powers that be and said, You know, I really need something to stimulate my brain. And they were like, we'll go find some development, and we'll take care of it. So I was very fortunate to have that happen because, that was pretty, pretty amazing. And so I went, and I found a coaching program. And that coaching program was something that really changed who I was.




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