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Howdy, howdy, howdy everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets Podcast, where we focus on business psychology and marketing and how you can use those in your business daily and long term. Today I'm talking with Shelly Berman Rubera, who is the President of Small Business Results and an accomplished business strategist and communication expert with certifications in business management, business coaching and emotional intelligence.

 Her signature offering is the truth about succeeding in small business. She also has more than 35 years of success with turnaround strategy, business trends, and identifying outdated systems. She has a strong passion for speakers, thought leaders and small business owners, and is an author and a sought after speaker as well. 

So Shelly, how are you doing today and take a minute and let our listeners know anything I might have missed.

- Thank you so much, Tad for having me here. 

I've been an entrepreneur for over 35 years, and really love what I'm doing, using all my skill set and helping a lot of people.

Today, we're gonna talk about some of the things that brought Shelley where she is today, how she did that, and hopefully how that applies to you, the listeners and what you might be able to take away with.

So first thing I was gonna start with today is, is there any one business or life decision that you've made that you wish you could have done differently?

- You know, had I known what I've chosen something different, but from a business standpoint, I'm sure many people will disagree with me. But if I was to do one thing over, I would have gone to business school, I would have gotten an MBA, and I am who I am without it, but I'm an avid reader, I had a lot of life experience.

What is one business or life decision that's worked out really well for you?

And I love the question Tad, I really do. So we all need to go through life to figure out where we're going to be and sometimes we don't have that complete answer. But in starting the businesses, I started a dance school under a personal training company, I had a leadership company. And when I started the leadership company, it was in 2009, I had great accounts, but with the downturn of the economy, really found myself for the first time not only in trouble, but found myself in corporate America and did not want to be there.

So at that time, I had to figure out who am I? What is my talent? Where do I want to show up and I I was able to realize in the most profound way that I love growing, I love building. And that it made sense to do this for other people not to keep reinventing myself. So to end up being a business strategist, which includes working with people, companies are only as good as the leader.

So, working with business, business leaders, creating Strategies for Success. I literally feel like what I'm doing is exactly what I was born to do. It taps into every inch of my creativity, my thought process consequential thinking. I literally am happy doing what I do and I think that translates to my clients.

The biggest decision is to really trust that process. And then I've ended up being able to figure out who I am and what I want to do.

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