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Howdy howdy everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets podcast where we focus on business psychology and marketing and how you can use that in your business daily and long term. Today I'm talking with Prash Kotecha, who is an international conscious leadership and well being consultant, speaker and CEO of Stress to Success.

- Thank you, Tad, thank you for the kind introduction. And it's a pleasure to be with you on this Micro Successful journey. I love the fact that you're honing in on people's success stories. And every success story has a challenge behind it. And I guess I'm no stranger to those challenges. I'm of Indian origin, but I've lived in London, England since the past 45 years, I was pretty much born and raised, you can say in London since the early 70s. And that had a really difficult childhood, kind of growing up in the 70s. In the UK facing racism, bullying, all kinds of different challenges. 

We were you know, we were in poverty because we had to leave all our valuables and belongings behind in East Africa when we came here. And it was a difficult time, you know, raising myself up and then losing my parents at a young age. And growing up that I just fell in 2025 years I faced death, multiple deaths, poverty, bullying, a certain amount of physical abuse and violence. And I got into a certain amount of substance abuse as well. And this all shaped 2025 years of my life. And it was only in my early 20s, that I started to take stock of where my life was headed. pull myself out of some of the gangs and other stuff that I was doing, and make a difference in my life. And that started by getting a couple of jobs at university to support my family, pull my family out of debt. 

And I realized that actually the best person who can help you is you. And the best investment you can make in yourself, the best investment you can make in your life is in you. Because when you invest in yourself, your education, your studies, your work, your business, your relationships, everything starts to improve when you invest in yourself. And that was the big missing piece for me, Tad. So I spent the past two, two and a half decades, exploring success, personal growth, emotional intelligence, spirituality, and leadership. And these have really shaped the past 25 years of my life as I hit 50. Now in the direction that I've taken it through two and a half decades of corporate life with some big name brands, JP Morgan, HSBC, other brands, smaller businesses, just working through the corporate jungle and then shifting into this third time coaching, training and consulting stuff that I now do to help other people also optimize their potential gate wood Zoo.

 And the things that you've been through, if you could go back in a time machine, if there was such a thing, and you could change something in your life? Would you change that business?  What would you change it? And if you could change it? What would you change it to?

- I love that question. I got two parts to that. For the longest time I lost my mom when I was 13. And she was only 42. For the longest time, I wished that I could have my mom back. Like I wish I could change that. She was the most loving mother and very beautiful. But I realized something, I had to lose somebody that I love in order to heal, how to force me to dig deep within myself and ask the hard questions about life. Why do people suffer? Why do good people die early Why does suffering exist? And had that not happened I wouldn't be in this position today. So I got to say that that's one area where I feel you know what? I'm at peace with the way things shapes out. Now, on the other side of that the one thing I do feel that I could have started earlier was this journey of personal growth. I spent far too long.

What is one struggle did you think that was super scary to deal with? And are you still dealing with it? It could be an event that happened, or it could be something that is just out there, like you've been talking about, like some of the prejudice, some of the situations that exist day to day and you're still around are probably going to be around for a while? Do you have one of those?

- I do, and I can, I can summarize it in two words, achievement, addiction, achievement addiction. The longest time coming from an Indian family, we're all pushed hard to go really high on education go really high up the career ladder, show everybody else, the other, family members that we've done real well. And I bought into that programming, as well intended as it was, you know, the elders want us to do well and stand around on our own feet. The intention is great, but I brought it, I bought into it too hot. 

And I started to change and that actually triggered me into my profession, right as a well being and leadership expert, emotional, intelligent, expert, and coach, and I train people in companies about this now that don't chase wealth, chase contentment, don't chase money, chase a feeling of joy, right? Because when you make that distinction, and you separate success, from what everybody else defines it to what you perceive success to be, and when you align success with purpose rather than success with material achievements, you start to get a certain level of contentedness that no amount of money could have ever gotten you now, that's not a cop out. That's just the reality because we know how a lot you and I know tons of people who are millionaires and they're not happy.

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