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Dondee Nettles was a former family wellness chiropractor and AM talk radio host. He had the fourth largest solo chiropractic practice in Arizona, seeing 350 to 500 patients per week, before becoming a stay at home dad and home based global entrepreneur. 

He now has the perfect blended family with his beautiful wife Marcy, together, they have four kids and two grandkids. They're passionate about equipping, elevating and empowering families to create a global legacy and achieve their dreams. 

- I just want to say thank you, it's an absolute honor to be on your show and to hopefully inspire your listeners and empower them with maybe some tools they hadn't previously had. 

If you could go back in a time machine and change one business or life decision that you made. First off, would you go back and change it? And if you would change it, what would you change it to?

- I would absolutely go back. And I would have the author Robert Kiyosaki write his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, when I was in high school, or actually, when I was in elementary school, so that I could understand what an entrepreneur truly was. Because the model that I'm 55 years old, and I was, I went to elementary school in the 70s, and junior high in high school in the 80s. And it was just something that we I went to school with an objective and that was to get good grades to go to college that I can get a degree to get a job that I can provide for my family. But it was from an employment standpoint. I don't understand entrepreneurs. There were no entrepreneurs in my family. 

And so I didn't have any model to go by. But their book Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed my life so much. But even the book after that the follow-up book called The Cashflow Quadrant, just expanded that understanding. So to answer your question, I would have had Robert Kiyosaki write that book when I was in elementary school, or if that's not possible to read it sooner than I did. Okay, and I've read both those books. And my favorite, just for the listeners is cashflow quadrant, because to me, that maps out exactly what you're talking about the four quadrants where you start, and where you want to end up if you want to do this, and it is a decision.

So kind of related to that if you could go back and you could find one really super positive decision that you made. And when you made this decision is like it. You can look at your life, you know, everything before the decision and everything after the decision. It's that kind of dividing point. Do you have one of those?

- Yeah, and it all kind of blends into the understanding and applying what I learned in the rich dad poor dad and cashflow quadrant Well, there was two, two situations that both happened in 2009. But prior to that, in 2006, my son was born. And parenthood entered my life. He was born on Super Bowl Sunday in 2000. And for the first time in my life, I had to make a decision that I never saw coming. And that was to get out of bed and leave my newborn son who was sleeping just to the left of me and go see the 125 patients I have that day, or to stay in bed and turn and just look at this most beautiful being that I was so blessed to have. 

And as I got out of bed to go do what I had done for years earlier, I had this instant sense of loss, like I never saw this moment. And so I had to choose between being a provider to my children, and being versus being somebody who could actually give them and teach them life skills and I wasn't ready for that. So that decision was huge for me. But three years later, when my daughter was born, I was nowhere closer to being the father I wanted to before my children. I was simply the financial provider and helping lots of people and it being you know, educating people on the radio about health and wellness and serving my patients and teaching them about health and wellness was wonderful.

How do you get through those decisions? Do you have any methods are tips that you use when you come across a big decision or small decision like that, to keep yourself moving forward to not get stuck in making that decision?

- Yeah, and it's something that as far back as I can remember, in my childhood, I wanted to grow up and serve people in some capacity make people's lives better. So I've kind of always been ingrained with that servant's heart. And it wasn't until that I went and it's kind of just made me think of when you were just talking about my decision to bean entrepreneur versus be a successful doctor, which I was and radio show host is that it came it became obvious that there was a limitation to that. And in my practice, when I closed my office, I was done serving. And I could only serve people when my office was open and only in my town which was great.

The first step is prayer, the second is applying what I've known in my experience and the third is reaching seeking new information to go out and gather new skills or new ideas to go pursue what I want to pursue.

And I just I guess I would just want to talk to a specific niche of person. And if that is, if you find yourself wanting more, or looking for some level of greater contribution, but you really haven't found the vehicle to do that. Let me just kind of impress upon you the difference between academics which gives you education to go get a job versus self-education to go become an entrepreneur, which you literally can write your own ticket. And that's what actually we have a website that I devoted exclusively to that called nine to five exit ticket where we help 1000s and 1000s of employees transition from being employees to being business owners, and whatever business floats their boat because you go kind of what makes your heart tick. is the way to find the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

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