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Cristiana Blasutta, is an international life and health coach. Her mission is to help overwhelm women get unstuck, so that they can finally create the life they've always dreamt of, and live in full alignment with themselves. She received her training from the Coach Training Alliance and from the Institute for integrative Nutrition. 

While she was living in the US, she spent 12 years in the Seattle area and moved to Italy in 2016. She loves the beauty of life and is attracted to beautiful souls in her coaching as well as in her personal life. She likes to go deep and create a heart to heart connection, the only one she believes can change lives for the better. With our sensitivity and intuition, she will help you discover your inner light, your real beauty and shine.

So to start with, if you could just for example

- This is a really beautiful question. And I just watch Back to the Future with my kids. So really aligned with this. Normally, I will say that I don't regret any decision that I took. Because I always think that every experience, even the bad ones at the end are learning experiences. But if I really want to be super picky and find something, I would just move abroad or here, there was my dream was when I was young, I wanted to study abroad. I couldn't do that. If I could go back in time, I would just do that. Because I love languages. I love getting in contact with different cultures. And I think it's a beautiful growing experience. So I would I would just do that earlier.

So kind of related to that, if you could go back in time, and you could look at the decisions that you have made. Is there one that stands out is just super positive. I mean, it's like you can look back in time, and you can think, Wow, everything before this is this way. And everything after is that way. You have one of those?

 - Yes, absolutely. It's really moving to the US. And I told you, I love traveling, I love learning on the spot and when you have the possibility to have the full immersion, you learn the language, you learn the culture, you learn the subtleties that you cannot learn if you just study a language, right? So the best decision that my husband and I could take was really having the courage to move to the US and leaving everything that we knew here in Italy.

The next question is sometimes has the same answer. But if you could go back and look, what decision was the scariest?

- I think if the thing is, you would be surprised how many times it is the same answer, either. That's why I tell you that even bad experiencing at the end of the best learning experience seven, right? If you're, if you're so afraid of doing something, and then you're able to overcome the fear then what beauty comes after. It's amazing, right. And it was the scariest experience, it was leaving everyone leaving the unknown to go into the unknown. But as I said, earlier, I really found out things about myself that I didn't know, I was shocked that I'm so resourceful that I'm able to make friends with really, really easily right and was able to learn the language in being immersed in the culture in the place, I was able to pick it up very quickly. So I was a really good surprise.

So last question, kind of trying to wrap it all up and get a little, a little more personal maybe with you and understand where you're coming from, to so that people when they're going through similar things that are listening and viewing this might get some benefit out of it. What do you want out of your business out of your life, if you could wrap it up in a sentence or two Is there a way that you could say that to people who are listening.

- My business is that my mission is really to help women reclaim, reclaim their own power, if I can use these words, because I think that especially for women, there are so many conditioning that we have, but if we are really able to re fully aligned with what we know already, and this is true for men too, but I have everywhere to work with women. And when they are ready to align, and trust and understand that we have an inner voice, we have an inner wisdom, then we can be powerful, empower other people in their choices, and live a life that is truly in alignment with who we are. So that's my mission in my business. And out of my life, I really want to wake up every morning with joy and vitality and energy, and be able to share my life with the people who I love and have an impact in the world through my business.

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