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Howdy, howdy everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets Podcast, where we focus on business psychology and marketing, and how you can use that in your business daily and long term. Today, I'm talking with Natalie Forest.

A little bit about me, I always find that very interesting. Because you have about 30 seconds to give a whole life story. So try and do that in like 10 seconds. My obvious answer is, I'm Natalie, full stop. Now, I think you want to know a little bit more. I'm the CEO and president and visionary of my own business, which is a transformational, intuitive mentor in life and business. So I approach people holistically. And I understand that entrepreneurs are people as well. And it has to be together, if your personal life is not in alignment, then your business life will not be in alignment, and so forth. I talk about leadership, I talk about being yourself. I also am the Vice President of Operations for the Los Angeles Tribune and the CEO of a small little sass company that's going to blow your mind that is called IDU systems. And that's sort of what I do in my business world.


So let's get started. Always start off with a question that I really like, I hope you like it, as well. But it's like if you could, if you could take a time machine and go back in time, and you can change one life or business or both decision. First off, would you change it? And if you would change it, what would you change it to?

I love that question. Because we always claim that we want to go back and we would change. Don't wait. I know. And and the more I think about it, there are a lot of things that I think you know, I could have, I should have been all of that. And I strike all of those words out of my vocabulary on purpose. I wouldn't be here where I am today, if it hadn't been for everything that I have experienced everything that I have gone through and everything that I have learned. So changing things, it's not like I'm going in a time machine and messing with everything. And then at the end everything is different.

You go back into time machine, you look around, and you see one positive decision that you made, again, business or life for both one positive decision that you made, and it's one of those things where you look at everything, or you look at it in a way that everything in your life happened before that decision, everything happened after it's a dividing point. Do you have one of those that you'd share?

 I think the most important decision throughout my life is my focus on family. That that is the most important thing for me, and then guides me and everything. It's where I get my strength from, it's where I get my inspiration from. And the extension of that is the best decision after that, or as part of that, that I've ever made, is having a child and allowing her to become the person she wants to be. Because that teaches me every day.

I'm sure being in business, running your own business running, you know, assets and moving things around and having to make decisions you get stuck. You come upon situations that can be big can be small. I mean, for me, one of the most frequent is copywriting. I get writer's block, I get stuck. But you can also like starting a new business going into a new career, things like that are big decisions, buying a house getting married? Do you have methods, tools, techniques that you use for any kind of getting stuck that you use? And that you advise your clients that you could share?

Yes, absolutely. intuition. Come on. I'm intuitive, right. So I think intuition your your first reaction, there's a little bit of a difference between gut and intuition. But your your your first response, I should say to something that comes up, you know, does the does the hair in the back of your neck stand up? Does it give you that warm, fuzzy feeling? That's my first step. Now after that, you know, number one, I meditate on it. And then I will ask some of my advisors or trusted people in my life. Absolutely. So just because because of intuition, I will not necessarily not always just based on intuition, make a decision. But I've done that. And they've all been good. Because sometimes, since we're human beings, sometimes we have an intuition. But we feel loyalty, we feel responsibility. So we're hesitate to follow that drive. Even if people tell us until it comes to that point where everything collides and you're like, gee, I wish I had listened to that, like five years ago. So it is intuition. And then you know, a little bit of analysis and and trusted advice after with the knowing that the people that I asked for advice, they fully understand that I may not take it. I go for advice. Yeah. So intuition for me is always step number one.

 If you could go back and start over, or, or not, and put it another way, if something happened, like a global pandemic, and your business radically, and you had to start over, or had to pivot or had to, you know, had to make a major move, would you do the same thing you're doing now? Would you be doing what you're doing now? Would you go for something different? What would you do?

I want to say yes. And yes, down again, that's a first I love it. Because you've heard that, you know, I do a number of things. And I have one of my TIF projects that I've been working on for a few years, and I and I keep getting sidetracked a little bit. And so I think I would spend more time on that. Okay. But you know, it would still it still involves what I'm doing today, because I am who I am.


 I always love to answer people's questions. So I'm very easy to find my website is my name, I'm all over social media.

IG: @natalieforest


Twitter: @NatalieForest


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