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Howdy, howdy everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets podcast where we focus on business psychology and marketing and how you can use that in your business, daily and long term. Today, I'm talking with Julie Kantor. Julie, how are you doing and introduce yourself a little bit for us? 

Sure, Tad, you know, we've been talking for years, and it's so great to be on your podcast. I'm Julie Kantor. And I am the CEO of Twomentor, we stand up mentoring initiatives, basically just to help people help each other and help elevate each other in corporate America, with associations and with universities. 

I'd like to start with this question. And it's, if you could go back into time machine. And you could change one business or life decision or two, if you've got two, if you could change one business or life decision. First off, would you change it? And if you would, what would you change it to?

You know, I've been thinking what a difficult question that is to me, like, what would I change? I'm someone who follows her heart who follows her instincts. And so I am someone who very rarely has regrets and so it's a tough question for me to answer because, but I would say that I'm two years into running my business, I was struggling, I was struggling financially. And I couldn't understand why mentoring, you know why I was not on fire with them, based on everything the market was saying, my relationships. And I got I wrote to my advisors when I started to mentor. By the way, if you take the word mentor and put Two in front of it, you put the word women and men into mentoring. And it takes to to mentor a lot of plays.

Okay, and just let you know, I hear that a lot. I mean, you know, if I could do anything I'd start a little earlier. Or, you know, the, the ramp up when you mentioned the ramp up, not a lot of people talk about that, but I'm glad you brought it up is it's there. I mean, there I don't believe in overnight successes. buddy of mine who's in the CPA space, was telling me they'd been working at theirs business for 10 years. And they struggled for literally 10 years. And he said then they finally got it all together and it took off. So he likes to say he's a 10 year overnight success, because it's all the stuff that happens before you have that big spike.

 So along those lines as you've gone Through this, as you come upon anything a decision you've made business or life decision that turned out to be just super positive, I just over the top good stuff. And you look back at it. And you know, you've got everything before that decision and everything after that decision. So you got kind of like a mark there demarcation point. Do you have something like that? 

I had a couple answers for that one. First, I moved to Florida, that was fantastic. From what from Washington, DC and Boston, Florida. And, you know, realized as an entrepreneur, I can work from anywhere, right. And that was an amazing thing that I could own my schedule, and work. And you know, as long as there was an international airport near me, I could do my business. So that freedom I appreciate every day. Secondly, once I moved here, I joined entrepreneurs organization, and I'm in her accelerator program. And I have a group of 192 like minded people in South Florida, and we coach mentor support each other, everyone's hit either $250,000 in revenues at the accelerator level, or over a million at the EEO level. So I have this incredible network, that's just off the charts, that we share information. That's been amazing

So from that dinner, and having my friend who did not have a budget to hire me, really, me to three leaders, I landed a three year, you know, significant contract. That got me well on my way, so I could hire so I could grow so I could mark it more. So between moving to Florida, joining entrepreneurs organization, and having a friend champion me for opportunity, those were all super positive. And they gave me the foundation and the financial validation, to live a very different wonderful life that I still appreciate very much.

That's awesome. I mean, the dinner, that would be a dinner, I would love to go to shell just totally awesome. So but as you're going through these things, and you mentioned, you know, there's a ramp up time you saw, and I talked a little bit about my buddy who had a similar experience. And there's a lot I see a lot of that.

So I basically pivoted to have two streams of revenues. And my next step is to hire a director of operations, so that I can leverage my strength with two businesses, not one. Yeah, I'm started. I mean, it's, you know, right now I'm working on a machine that takes COVID out of the air disinfects the air, it's a medical one machine, that is in 120 major hospitals in Italy. So okay, I don't love my brain being cut, you know, my, my focus being in two directions. But I guess, to not be stuck, I'm doubling my odds at success with two companies, one that has a long sales cycle, corporate mentoring, and one that could not be more of an emergency, where my phone is blowing up of people needing nitrile gloves, and bear, you know, thermometers, and, like, my phone is blowing up of people in need.

So to wrap up a bit, kind of roll it all together. If something happened, like COVID, and your business didn't work anymore, and you knew what you know, now, what would you do? Would you do the work in the same thing? I mean, you've kind of already answered it. Would you do the same thing you're doing now? Would you do something different? I mean, it sounds like you do both. But what do you think? What would you do?

Yeah, I think that you got to invest all your belief in yourself, and then leverage and find and learn about what your strengths are. I guess I've learned that I could facilitate between buyer and seller, and offer outstanding customer service, and that I was far more networked than I realized. So leveraging and being strategic, I also learned, and I guess I'll throw this out there, you know, you, almost anyone selling something that's working will give you 10% of their revenues. So if you called me today and said, Julie, I want to help you. So, you know, for monitors where I want to help you sell nitrile gloves, or I want to sell and help you sell corporate mentoring, I'll be like, great, I'll give you 10% of our of the revenues we bring in. And these contracts could be 100,000, or 60,000, or multi million. 

Like I am so grateful. My office is not on fire, and I don't have COVID right now, but you know, I'm so thankful I had thanksgiving turkey on my plate, okay, a lot of people don't millions did not figure out. And then again, you got to go for it. You got to believe in yourself, and you got to fight right now harder than you've ever thought for things to happen.

 10% write me up. The best one, yes, seriously makes money here. You can reach me at And if you want to know again, that's Julie And if you want resources, on being a great mentor and videos, and learning and we have training, just write to me. And if you know a company that might want to build a mentoring program, or an association who want to might want to bring this to their membership, we should definitely talk right away.

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