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Howdy, howdy, howdy everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets podcast where we focus on business psychology and marketing, and how you can use that in your business daily and long term.

 Today I'm talking with William H. Tate, who is a financial freedom coach that helps Americans with high 1099 incomes or sudden wealth situations discover true financial freedom so they can live life on their own best terms. William began his financial freedom journey and big y at age seven, and made his first successful investment at age 14, join the army at 17 and became a greenbrae officer at 20. He's invested 1000s of dollars 30 plus years, and more than 60,000 hours learning about people's money psychology and mastering our complicated American financial legal, counting tax systems. So it have proper training and necessary experiences to lead people into the best versions of the Promised Land of long lasting and sustainable financial freedom.

He's been able to live work and traveled to more than 90 countries been a Tony Robbins wealth mastery coach, a Morgan Stanley manager and a Silicon Valley sudden wealth counselor. When the pandemic is not interrupting his life, he's with his wonderful wife and their four year old son, usually summer in the middle of Ukraine, winter in Durham, North Carolina, and enjoy global travels and adventures in between please welcome family man globetrotter and financial freedom coach. 

So just to get started, as always, I love asking this question. First, I always start or lead with this question is that if you could find a time machine and you can go back in time, and you could change one business or life decision that you've made? First off? would you change it at all? And if you would change it, what would you change it to?

Tad, great, great life existential question. And I'm sure that we all think about this all the time. I certainly think about it. And my challenge is that I keep investing in these, these mind reading machines and these time machines, and I just haven't found one that works. I love it. So that being said, I get up every day. And if you look over my shoulder, you'll see my my triangle Miss, but he over here is a Serenity Prayer. God grant me the serenity, to know the things I can't change in the courage to charge the change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference in Yep. And that's the thing, if you look back at your life and say, you know, gosh, if I'd done that differently, if I'd had a different outcome, if I'd had made a different choice, what if, but then you would make yourself crazy. I know, I would make myself crazy. So I don't know that that works for me. Yeah, when I was in Africa, I could have helped more people. When I was in Central America, same thing when I was in these other places, doing these humanitarian missions and helping out folks. Yeah, I mean, I felt like I left the places better than I found them when I was there to help. But you can only do what you can only do for yourself. At the end of the day, you think Well, did you do your best? And if you could have made a difference? Did you? And Yes, you did. And so live your life? learn from it. Move on and be glad where you are.

And just to let you and everybody know is that is one of the most common answers. What you just said is live your life Do your best, you know, because you wouldn't be the person that you are, again, a stress that to the listeners, you wouldn't be who you are if you hadn't made those decisions, right? Wrong, whatever. I mean, you learn from them and you move on you do your best, you wake up every day, and you do your best. So excellent love that answer. But let's go back to the time machine. Let's say you go back, and you look through your life and you find one decision that you made that is just super positive. It's one of those kinds of decisions that you you know, you look back and you look you can you can remember your life before the decision. And after the decision. It's kind of like a dividing line. Do you have one of those?

You know, I'm a big fan of Simon Sinek start with why leaders eat last. And Simon says you know that our Why is formed about by the time we're 1718 years old, right? But But since I've done a bunch of behavioral psychology, so I could get good at understanding people's motivations, their mindset behavior next, what I call their MBA, their mindset, beliefs and actions as to why they do the things they do in their life. And if I can understand that, then I can help them with their money, particularly with their money demons. So let me go back to when I was seven years old. My Mother, she had a lot of talents. God bless her with all kinds of things. She was a concert pianist. She was an art teacher. it skips a generation. Okay. Yeah. I mean, she had all these creative talents. And but every time something would come from the bank, I would see her get like this, and her neck would get blotchy. And I'm seven years old. I say, Mom, it's just an envelope says, Yeah, but it's from the bank. You know, it's so from the Great Depression. She had this these financial fears this Yeah, awful, profound money management anxiety. And so I said, well, give me the homework. I'll open it. It could be a statement. It could be a just an advertisement. It could be anything. She's like, okay, you open it. It's seven years old. So my point is, is that was so profound to me that I would see my mom. I mean, we had a comfortable middle class up creaming in upbringing in Tupelo, Mississippi. Must have an Elvis mighty famous slugger very much.

One of the things you just said that I that I like to is and I tell people that I talked to that I mentor that I consult with is that life is not scripted, stop expecting it to be scripted. If you if you let go of that, that, you know, everything has to happen in a certain order in a certain way. It becomes so much easier. I mean, you just you can roll with it. You can you can make those decisions. You know, which leads into the next question, by the way, is when you come across those, those situations that the unscripted parts the the flat parts, did you know where you struggle with maybe the like your mom struggled with at the time that people get stuck on? Like she didn't want to open the envelope? 

 And there there are people that have that same fear or apprehension with other issues. Oh, yeah. So what do you tell people? How do you coach people to get through those issues to make those decisions to they're okay to go on through them to get unstuck, basically.

Deep breath, lots of deep breaths. Okay, the house is not on fire. You're okay. Just sit with it and have some peace and breathe with it. And then the Reverend Serenity Prayer right here. God grant me that serenity. And it changed what you can and have the wisdom to know the difference.

So, to roll it all together, knowing what you know, experiences you've had life you've lived. If you had to start over, say a pandemic hit or you moved to another country or you know, whatever it was that caused you to start over? Would you be doing the same thing you're doing now? Or would you do something different?

Oh my god, I am so blessed with knowing my life's passion and purpose. And it all goes back to that why seven years old model I have verified the envelope. So I feel like I have alignment, authenticity. Because I know I know the good, the bad, the ugly. I've seen it. My mom got scammed. I get scammed. So I know when you get hurt, your brain says oh, there's something going on here. Let's figure out how not to get hurt. Be it financially or relationship wise or whatever it is. So your caution goes up and says there's a reason for So I've learned and now I can, I can help others, like protect others. Because I've done it myself. I've gotten scammed a dozen times, from people from situations from financial, just bad deals. 

I want everybody to hear that the two big things I heard there, the why, and the passion. I mean, and we stress this on the show all the time, is that passion is what gets you out of bed in the morning. It's probably not your bank account. It's it's, there's something else, they get you bed. And if you're not getting out of the bed in the morning to everybody figure out why you figure out your why figure out your passion and purpose that will lead you to profits passionate.

I just hope that all of you make 2021, your best year ever. And you'll do that by getting quiet and getting centered with yourself and figuring out what is it I want for myself first, and then for my family and then for my business and align all those things together. I don't have a website, I don't have a book. I don't have a board game that I'm planning to do an online course I don't have any of that yet. It's all on in the direction that I'm going. But for right now. The rate of reach out for me is if you want to spend a half an hour with me, reach out to me on either Facebook or our LinkedIn. And I'm William H. Tate. My wife says the ages were hilarious. Myself. Okay, yes for lifting heavy things, daddy. You know what, when I was helping people, it was humanitarian. So you figured out what the H is. But it's William H. Tate, either. And I'll give you a half hour I'm happy to I'm happy to share my my journey. And whatever it is that we can work out together. It's always this win win. Just like with you, Tad, you're an excellent guy. You're a big believer in Win Win or No Deal and you attract that energy to you. And that's why we're here together. 

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