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Hey everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets podcast where we focus on business psychology and marketing, and how you can use that in your business daily and long term. Today I'm talking with Dr. Jackie Black PhD, who helps rekindle relationships with loving amazing but crazy busy small business owners so their lovers again, for the last 30 years.

Dr. Jackie has helped her clients to learn, grow, thrive and have fun together. Through her guidance. Once distant couples now experienced deeper, more meaningful connections and intimacy. They learn to love and feel loved again, as the founder of Dr., currently helps clients in eight time zones, has delivered her monthly relationship tip sheet to men and women in 38 countries, and has been featured on hundreds of radio shows and podcasts around the world.

 And I also work with C suite couples, you know, sometimes life gets very busy life gets in the way of love. Things become transactional and relational. And we forget how to focus on our heart centered relationships with the most important people in our life. So that's what I do.

And whether it's I'm really excited about talking to you today is another way, the way I look at that is we forget what we are. We're not a business robot, in what we become that I mean, you get your head down, and you just, you know, forget a lot of things, not not meaning to Anyway, let's get going. you've had experience, you've been down some roads, you've seen some things. If you could go back in time, and change one thing in your life. First of all, would you change it? And if you would change it, how would you change it?

Yeah, I would change one thing, I would hire a really top notch business mentor, like Suzanne Evans, you know, and really invest in myself, in my business, in putting systems in place in understanding generating leads, making sales calls that aren't salesy, that are really from the heart about about giving an end value, I had to learn all those pieces one at a time by mine over a period of time, and I am the poster child for having spent more money doing stuff that doesn't work than anybody I know.

But just to let everyone know this, I hear a lot in this. I have done a lot. So listen to Dr. Jackie here, please take that in. Because there's other ways than to learn everything yourself. You don't have to make all the mistakes yourself.

Going back in the past, if you could look, this is kind of related to the first question. But if you could look at what has happened, and you can pick out one thing, or maybe two or three, but things that are super positive. And you look at that point, he say, Oh, I remember everything before that. And I remember everything after that. It's one of those kind of defining moments that you go ah aha moment epiphany, whatever people want to call it, but you have one of those that you could share. epiphany about business is something super positive can be business super positive in your life that you remember everything before and after. So it's like, you know, maybe it's one of the things maybe where you figured out that, oh, if I talk to a coach or talking to a coach really changed things for me.

Yeah, it's an interesting question. Yeah, I was newly married to my second husband. We just married a couple of years. And I was early in my career. I was sort of not I wouldn't I was mid I was an early I was between mid and early. Okay. And that's how linear My mind is. And Gary was diagnosed with cancer. And I knew at that moment, it was like the rug had been taken, pulled out from underneath me.

I knew that I and I loved being in corporate America, I managed high rise office buildings for pension funds. And I and I loved it. And I was a superstar. I was in the top 2% of women executives in the country in those years, although there are only four of us, but that's still good.

Yeah. And I knew that I needed to position myself so that I could be in business, I could have myself to rely on that I wasn't at somebody else's mercy. And I had a fabulous I was with great people, and an amazing company, and loved every moment of it. But in that moment, and I haven't thought of it this way till you ask the question just that way. In that moment, I knew that I needed to be able to be self sufficient and have my own thing. And entrepreneurs weren't even a concept, at least for me in those years. Yeah, talking about the 80s.

Yeah, and I mean, the word really didn't catch on, like it has today is not wouldn't use it. Like it was out there because I remembered business school, but nobody used it like they did today. So that was a big decision. big change. In kind of relating to the next question is, as people go through changes like that, or maybe something is simple is like for me. Writing sales, copy, writing promotional copy, I get writer's block. And I'm just let it get to me, and I have to have some exercises that I go through to get by. But is there anything, whether it's small, or a big decision? Did you use tips techniques, to keep yourself moving through those things to not get stuck? Or if you do get stuck to get unstuck, that you could share?

Yep. I love that question. Because I don't believe in being stuck, per se. Yeah, there's really no such thing as being stuck. So if I'm stuck, what I say to myself is, what am I expecting myself to do? What have I created for myself? That is not in alignment with my vision and values? What? And then I use self reflection. And I started asking myself lots of questions, so that I can start to uncover what decisions I might have made or goals I might have said or expectations I might have of myself, that are really not aligned with my vision and my values. And normally the self reflection that only moves me but on earth or uncovers the thing that is next for me, that is aligned with my vision and values.

So and this is kind of a wrap up type question that I try to pull everything together is if you lost your business today, technology changed, maybe government regulation comes in, says Dr. Jackie black can't do that anymore. She had to do something, maybe not different. But she had to start over the old start over questions. What would you do to start over?

I would call former clients and current clients and let them know what was going on that had caused me to need to do things differently, and ask how I could serve them differently. And I would, I would look through my LinkedIn, I've actually done this years ago, I would look through my LinkedIn and I would pull up 10 people like you're on that list, and call them and brainstorm. I let myself complain a little bit, be upset a little bit, and brainstorm with 10 very select people in my network who I know, I already have good relationships with those who know me. Great questions one of the all time best interviews I've ever had.

Thank you really appreciate that. And really, thank you for taking the time and for sharing everything that you did today. Is there anything that you want to close with any last minute words? And also do you have an offer, or something that you might want to share with the listeners and viewers?

So if I had to say anything to anybody about being in business or being a life it is trust yourself, get yourself to a place if you're not already there, where you trust yourself, where you're going to go inside, and you really trust the feedback that you give you and that you don't depend on the feedback from outside. 

That said, I do. I'd love to offer you know, lots of people are busy, busy, busy. And they think that getting back on track back in connection, rekindling, reigniting what all those words is really a big deal. And well, it's powerful, and it's important, it can be done really fast. So I'd like to have everybody download The Intimacy Booster, Six Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Intimacy. it's romance daily. download that. That's awesome.
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