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Hey everyone, Tad Stephens on the Micro Success Secrets podcast where we focus on business psychology and marketing, and how you can use that in your business daily and long term.  Today, I am talking with Steven Eugene Kuhn, who has deep rooted beliefs that building trust and rapport through a process, he calls HIT, which stands for honesty, integrity, and transparency. It is the method by which Steven lives his life professionally and personally. 

The interesting aspect is that living this way creates integrity on every level, it draws prospects and clients to naturally ascend your value ladder of product and service offerings. And it is something that anyone can do, there's no extra cost or funnel building to do just being human and treating others as we want to be treated with honesty, integrity and transparency. If business owners would do just this one thing, they cannot help but experienced remarkable growth in their business and as an individual. 

I’m an American combat veteran who lives in Europe. So I'm living currently in Hungary, it’s my 9th country. And I do m&a turnaround, and let's say business consulting, business turnaround consulting/coaching, because coaching consulting always turns into coaching. 

If you could go back in time, do one of those time things where you go back to your earlier self, and you could change one thing in your life? would you change it? And if you would change it, what would you change it to?

Sure, I would add the ability or the belief in myself through seeking out powerful mentors way outside of my comfort zone. That's something I never did until I was probably 35, 40 years old. If I hadn't known this, when I was a kid, like some of the children that I work with, I work with 18, 19 year olds now that the growth factors that they're going to have in their life, because of reaching out way out of their comfort zone are just incredible. And if I had done that, I think I would have been able to have even more impact in the world. 

If you look back on your business in life, what's the scariest decision you ever made? That you know, before you made it, you just really don't know about this?

I came from a mobile home in Central Pennsylvania, we call it pennsyltucky.  I'm from West Texas. So I'm gonna lie. So when I left there, for the army, it was pretty secure thing gig really well in the army. You know, it all turned around when I went to war, of course, and that changed everything. And my, I think my biggest fear was getting out and changing my life completely. What I knew what I did, and I didn't only get out of the military, I got out in Europe, and I lived in a country and I got out in a country where I didn't speak the language fully. That was in German. 

So that was probably the scariest that I ever did. But you know what? That made it possible for me to do that eight more times. So I've lived in nine countries. And I've always, embrace the language, embrace the culture. So I think that would be you know, the scariest part was actually changing your life that first time completely different country, different language, different culture, a completely different job, because I was in the military, no basis at all, and no reason to be in Germany wasn't like I was married or anything. 

If you could look back in your life, and you could pick out one point, that's super positive one decision you made that just I mean, it nailed it. It worked. You know, it's like you look at your life and everything you look at before it and everything after it's one of those kind of defining points. Do you have one of those?

 I do. And it stems from the worst point in my life. So as a bottom right, so the worst point of my life was, it was in 2008, actually. And I had a very bad situation where I attempted suicide with a police officers weapon in Germany. 

And it was I have a PTSD issue that I deal with ever since Iraq. And I wasn't dealing with it, obviously. I was there for about eight months. And while we surrendered every expectation that I had, everything that I thought that I needed, all of the expectations of others, I completely surrendered. To the point where I was neutral with, let's say, the universe. No phone, no laptop, just completely disappeared. And I came back and you know what, everything was okay. This is how I want to live from now on.

People get stuck in various points. I mean, there's huge issues that people have to deal with, to them, or that are, you know, environmentally huge or whatever. But do you have any? It can be for any of those? Do you have any tips, techniques, methods that you use? process?

Well, the first thing you got to realize is that most of the issues that we have in our life, most of the things that we're stuck on, it's the thoughts about what's happening, and not actually what's happening.

We take ourselves down this path, what if you know what's going to happen? And maybe this or maybe that, and we start believing that? That’s what we lead ourselves down this dark alley, that we don't even have to lead ourselves down. So that's the first thing is to watch your thoughts because they mean a lot. Second one is the language you use with yourself. 

It takes discipline to do this. But I would say more consciousness, awareness, conscious awareness. Then discipline comes after that, because you have to watch yourself doing it because you won't catch yourself if you're not.

If you had asked this all the time, and it's the standard, if you had to start over from right where you are right now, what would you do? Maybe not, what would you do different? what would you do, if you had to walk out the door and start from scratch,

I would probably go into some kind of trade or business where I had more of a direct impact on younger people. You know, where I really work with them on a day to day basis, not a teacher, because I would never let go of their future like I would always want to see where they're going.

So is there anything that you'd like to close with or that you can offer and play please mention your book and any more about that that you wanted? 

Okay, so the book, but the promise of the book is basically find your identity, your own personal identity that creates and crystallizes your purpose, that purpose amplifies your identity to create certainty. 

And what happens then is you can take this to any organizational goal, any personal goal and amplify your identity through that goal, making it yours and owning it. And we call it owning your presence in life and becoming epic leader you're always going to be okay. And that's the book is called Unleash Your Humble Alpha. 

This is a book for leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers. And so it's about finding yourself first and being your own person, being your own presence and not you know, being dictated from the outside. 

And I, you know, you can get it on Amazon, just Amazon humble alpha, Google, humble alpha, and you can grab it, it's a very, very powerful book, audible is coming out. It's been uploaded for over a month and a half. Now we're just waiting for him to approve it, and then send it out and it'll be ready to go.

We have a program unleash your humble alpha, program that we're almost finished with, and that'll be offered as well. 

You can reach me on Facebook or on LinkedIn, Steven Eugene Kuhn, and just just drop me a line, I'll put you on a list and once we get rolling, we'll knock it out.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/stevenekuhn 
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